CCH Looking at Proposal to Make all state records paperless and digital

This is the official site of the Connecticut Coalition for History, a diverse group of professionals who aim to bring different historical communities together to cultivate the creation, study and enjoyment of all kinds of history across the state. 

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At CCH’s September 20 meeting, CCH members heard from colleague Kristen Keegan that there is a proposal in the works to make all state offices paperless.  She urged that CCH study potential problems:  (1) the proposal may encourage irresponsible destruction of needed paper records, such as design of old bridges, not to mention historical records, (2) the proposal depends on electrical digital technology that may change and leave some records unretrievable in the future, and (3) digital records may turn out to be more expensive to maintain than paper records.  It was agreed that Keegen would lead a task force to draw up a potential letter to be considered at the December meeting for dispatch to the proper authorities.  Other CCH members will be consulted.


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