CCH Supports Legislation for African American History; Latino History Urged, Too

This is the official site of the Connecticut Coalition for History, a diverse group of professionals who aim to bring different historical communities together to cultivate the creation, study and enjoyment of all kinds of history across the state. 

This site identifies who we are, the many different organizations from which we come, news of our members’ activities, current issues that historians face around the state, and history-related events that are coming up across Connecticut.

At their May 3 meeting, CCH members voted to support  HB 7982 AN ACT CONCERNING THE INCLUSION OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL CURRICULUM.  Here is a link to the bill

Our colleague, state librarian Kendall Wiggin, encourages us also to support HB 7083 AN ACT CONCERNING THE INCLUSION OF PUERTO RICAN AND LATINO STUDIES IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL CURRICULUM. Here is the link:

Given the tenor of our discussion at the May 3 meeting, CCH might consider contacting their state lawmakers to get behind this legislation.



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