Co-Sponsored Webinar Series on Women’s Suffrage History

This is the official site of the Connecticut Coalition for History, a diverse group of professionals who aim to bring different historical communities together to cultivate the creation, study and enjoyment of all kinds of history across the state. 

CCH calls attention to an especially timely WEBINAR SERIES ON WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE

The Connecticut State Department of Education, the Office of the Secretary of State, and the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies are co-sponsoring an upcoming webinar series on the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and methods to teach this topic in the social studies classroom.  Each webinar will have a scholar talk for 20-25 minutes on central themes related to their the topic; this will be followed by a discussion between the scholar and 2 expert teachers on how this topic could be effectively taught in the middle school and high school classroom.  All webinars will be from 4:00-5:00.

March 12, Thursday:       “A History of the Suffrage Movement”, Prof. Kelly Marino, Sacred Heart University

March 26, Wednesday: “The Suffrage Movement from an International Perspective”, Prof. Kate McGrath, Central Connecticut State University”

April 1, Wednesday:       “The Suffrage Movement in Connecticut”, Prof. Nancy Steenburg, University of Connecticut

Teacher Participants: Ed Dorgan, Regional District #10; Meg Monaghan, Farmington High School;  Allison Norrie, Andrew Warde High School, Fairfield

To register for one or all of these webinars contact Connecticut State Department of Education Social Studies intern Yesenia Karas at



About donrogershistorian

Retired Adjunct Lecturer in History from Central Connecticut State University, Housatonic Community College, and University of Bridgeport; Ph. D. University of Wisconsin, 1983, MA University of Wisconsin, 1975, BA Washington College (Maryland) 1970
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